New Smart Technology For Synchronised 3D Printing

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Prima Power’s new eP Genius 1030 press brake system and Laser Genius 1530 fiber laser machine with 10kW laser source. Prima Power exhibited at the eP Genius 1030 bending solution, the Laser Genius 1530 fiber laser machine, the Combi Genius 1530 and the servo-electric technology of BCe Smart bending cell at the Blechexpo 2019, held in Germany.

ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING | Motherboards

Dedicated 3D Mounts on the motherboard makes fitting 3D-printed parts easy. Using the same screws as M.2 drives and standard motherboard mounting holes, you can easily add nameplates, cable covers, or an M.2 fan holder. *Products with the 3D Printing Friendly logo feature the specialised 3D Mount and are also bundled with an extra 3D mount kit.

Envisioning the future of logistics | Logistics

Jun 14, 2013 · In the face of potentially damaging developments in the supply chain as 3D printing and online retail force traditional manufacturing and distribution methods to adapt, it makes sense that DHL, the world’s largest logistics firm, is standing strong at the very centre of developments.

New 3D Printing Process Creates Solid Objects Using Rays

The video projections are perfectly synchronised with the cylinder's rotation, the article states. ... New 3D Printing Process Creates Solid Objects Using Rays of Light. ... More Technology News ...

The impact of emerging technologies on small and medium

3D printing is rapidly being adopted in many industries, including the construction industry. There are numerous reports of buildings, including residential homes, being constructed with 3D printing technology, some of which are completed within days. Concrete is widely used as a printing material ('ink') for these 3D

Mobile technology: how it works in the real world

Researchers beat fingerprint authentication with 3D printing scheme New research by Cisco Talos shows popular fingerprint scanning technology can be defeated by lifting actual fingerprints and ...

what is the 3D printers' future?

While the concept itself is not new, Italian electric car start-up XEV and Chinese 3D printing material company Polymaker unveiled the LSEV in Shanghai in March – a vehicle the partners believe is the world’s first mass-producible 3D-printed electric car. Polymaker said three crucial achievements made this possible.

Applicability and Limitations of 3D Printing for Civil Structures

Applicability and Limitations of 3D Printing for Civil Structures ... The advent of 3D printing technology may very well be remembered as one of the most important technological advances of the ...

NTU Singapore Researchers Continue

Large-scale 3D printing of objects, like buildings, is possible, but volume constraints and length of time can still be issues…unless, of course, you enter mobile robots capable of synchronized ...

A new era for manufacturing? HP finally reveals new high

Technology Back to Home A new era for manufacturing? HP finally reveals new high-speed 3D printers, inks deals with Nike, BMW ... "The new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution delivers a combination ...

Jumbo partners with MOBILIS for 3D printing of orthotics

11/28/2019 · Jumbo 3D Manufacturing is in line with Dubai’s strategy to embrace 3D printing and harness new technologies to drive economic growth in the UAE. Since the company was founded, Jumbo has mirrored this vision through investments in emerging technology across its business verticals.

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How tech has taken printing into new era – Gadget

Printing technology has made significant strides in recent years. Designed to provide consumers with a more convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly user experience, the print industry is buzzing with the latest innovations, writes Timothy Thomas, Consumer Channel Sales Manager at Epson SA. Technology is constantly evolving to meet growing market needs and improving how people accomplish […]

Windows 8.1 update brings back the Start button

Oct 17, 2013 · Windows 8.1 update brings back the Start button Microsoft has announced that its Windows 8.1 operating system is now available to download from its online Windows Store.

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2018-10-04 New Robot Picks a Peck of Peppers and More V. 2018-10-04 Newfound Dwarf Planet ‘The Goblin’ May Lead to Mysterious Planet Nine. 2018-10-04 NIST’s Electro-Optic Laser Pulses 100 Times Faster Than Usual Ultrafast Light. 2018-10-04 NTU Singapore scientists develop smart technology for synchronised 3D printing of concrete V

Cloud Based Smart Digital Packaging

The drug usage data is transmitted wirelessly to a wearable device as well as synchronised wirelessly with the Smart-i® mobile application installed on the smartphone – which is then sent to the client’s clinical trial interface. Apps are not usually required to use this technology.

Robotics Research by IDTechEx

Synchronised 3D printing of concrete ... New "Robotic Skins" technology flips that notion on its head, allowing users to animate the inanimate and turn everyday ...


11/11/2016 · from design to advanced 3D printing with EOS printing machines. The integration of the EOSPRINT ... is committed to working with technology partners like EOS to enable new ... NTU Singapore scientists develop smart technology for synchronised 3D printing of concrete.

42 Best WHAT'S NEW images | 3d printing, 3d

3 May 2019 - New art developments, new materials, new technologies. See more ideas about 3d printing, 3d printed objects and New technology.

The World39s Biggest: The Biggest Silicon Breasts In The

The Biggest Silicon Breasts In The World The World39s Biggest World's Biggest Grader, Lemor Biggest in the World, The Biggest Fly in the World, World's Biggest Ant, World Biggest Rat Ever, World's Biggest Baby, World's Biggest Mole, Biggest Vigania in the World, World's Largest Cake, World's Biggest Wart, World's Largest, World's Biggest Cheeseburger, Biggest Blunt Ever, World's Biggest ...

New machine with ServoDirect Technology

Fifty percent less energy consumption, longer die service lives and greater precision: these are the benefits offered by Schuler Beutler’s newly developed MSC-2000 automatic blanking press with ServoDirect Technology. The new machine generation features two electrically coupled, freely programmable pressure points without gear transmission.

Smart Ink Adds New Dimensions to 3D Printing

New technique promises to change the shape – and color – printing. April 3, 2018– Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed a smart ink that turns 3D-printed structures into objects that can change shape and color.

3D-Print - Visitech

The LUXBEAM RAPID SYSTEM (LRS)* is a DLP based stereo lithography sub-system designed for industrial additive manufacturing/3D printing of high resolution parts in combination with large build area and high building speed.

Apr.30, 2018 - Vader Systems has unveiled three new 3D printing systems at this year's Rapid + TCT show. The company's new Polaris 3D printer offers high-speed metal printing, while the Magnet-o ...

6 Next Gen 3D Printing Technologies That Might Change

3D printing has been in existence for the past 30 years, slowly evolving bit by bit until, in about 2009 or so, the commercial release of low-cost, open-source 3D printers renewed public interest in this exciting technology.

interactive MODEL - architectural presentations

Benefiting from new 3D printing technology a semi-transparent scale model interacts with the light from animations displayed underneath creating a more engaging and coherent presentation. This system has been developed by our specialised team for a range of architectural and real estate presentations .

New Technology In Structural Concrete

Concrete technology archives. 2019-12-5concrete technology deals with study of properties of concreteand its practical applications in a building construction, concrete is used for the construction of foundations, columns, beams, slabs and other load bearing elements. Concrete technology department of structural

Meet Super Luigi, a robot from NTU Singapore designed for

Dec 18, 2017 · Named Super Luigi after one of the Super Mario Brothers, #NTUsg’s new warehouse robot excels in picking up items for delivery. It won the 3rd place at the DHL Robotics Challenge 2017 over more ...

Additive Manufacturing Archives - Asia Pacific Metalworking

Apr 06, 2020 · One of the key enablers for this new technology is material extrusion, more commonly known as 3D printing. While jetting technology (material or binder) is more suitable for 3D printing polymer and charged materials, engineers commonly apply power bed fusion (PBF) or direct energy deposition (DED) for the AM of metals.

2 robots in tandem create 3D-printed building components

10/17/2018 · Nanyang Technological University, Singapore NTU Singapore scientists develop smart technology for synchronised 3D printing of concrete; ... The New York Times Coronavirus in California: ...

New 3D Printing Process Creates Solid Objects Using Rays of

The video projections are perfectly synchronised with the cylinder's rotation, the article states. ... New 3D Printing Process Creates Solid Objects Using Rays of Light. ... More Technology News ...

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