Development Of Design Mix Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller Compacted Concrete

Mix designs may vary based on the job application. RCC is a zero slump concrete mix that is placed using standard asphalt pavers and compacted with 10 ton rollers similar to the way hot mix asphalt is placed.

Mix Design of Roller Compacted Concrete

Mix design proportioning methods for Roller Compacted Concrete RCC: Mix design proportioning methods for no slump concrete applicable for Roller Compacted Materials Used in RCC mix design a) Cementitious materials: Cement content is generally low (typically 70 to 130 kg/m3).

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ASTM Roller-Compacted Concrete Subcommittee Developing Three

Subcommittee C09.45 on Roller-Compacted Concrete, part of ASTM International Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, is currently working on three proposed standards for roller-compacted concrete. All interested parties are invited to join in the ongoing development of the standards.

Guidelines For RCC Mix Design

Mix design proportioning methods for Roller Compacted Concrete RCC ACI 207.5R (chapter 2.4) and ACI 211.3R extensively described the mix design proportioning b) Strength: Design strength of RCC dam is often based on long ...

Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement, is a type of non-reinforced concrete pavement placed with high density paving equipment and then compacted with vibratory rollers. While the finished product is essentially concrete pavement, the engineering and construction of this pavement is very different from conventional concrete pavement.

Iowa Development of Roller Compacted Concrete, HR-300, 1989

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) is a zero slump portland cement concrete mixture that has been used since the early 1970's in massive concrete structures. Iowa Highway Research Board project HR-300 was established to determine if this type mix could be used to pave roads on the Iowa road system.

Mix Design, Thickness Design, and Construction of Roller-Compacted Concrete

Transportation Research Record 1062 1 Mix Design, Thickness Design, and Construction of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement THOMAS D. WHITE ABSTRACT Roller-compacted concrete pavement (RCCP) is a technology that involves the use of

Roller Compacted Concrete over Soil - AG Peltz Group, LLC

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) is broadly defined as a stiff, low-water concrete that is mixed and paver-paved at a no-slump consistency and then compacted with vibratory rollers. RCC has similar strength properties and consists of the same basic ingredients as conventional concrete—well-graded aggregates, cementitious materials, and water ...

Roller Compacted Concrete Project

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a relatively dry concrete mix that is installed with a paving machine and then rolled, just like asphalt. It is sometimes called “white asphalt”. This installation method keeps construction costs lower than conventional concrete and very competitive with asphalt.

Types of Concrete :: Normal, High Strength, High Performance

The concrete mix achieves a high density and cures over time into a strong monolithic block. Roller compacted concrete is typically used for concrete pavement. Roller compacted concrete dams can also be built, as the low cement content causes less heat to be generated while curing than typical for conventionally placed massive concrete pours.

A Mix Design For RCC Dams

RCC stands for Roller Compacted Concrete that is commonly used for dams in hydro power plants. Below is a typical mix design that meets the normal requirements of a RCC dam. Depend on project specifications and actual


ash concrete. INTRODUCTION More than 250 RCC Dams have been constructed in 40 countries. And the dam volume becomes large steadily based on the actual results and the development of construction technique and mix proportions. In Japan, a term of “RCD (Roller Compacted Dam)” is used for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) Dam.

Roller Compacted Concrete Contractors

TCP Concrete Construction was founded in April, 1996. We provide turn-key Roller Compacted Concrete Paving, Cement Stabilized Base Course and Lean Concrete (Econocrete) Base Course for military, state, county, municipal and private development projects. Asphalt and concrete, move over and make way for Roller Compacted Concrete – RCC.

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Modified Design-Build; BIM; General Construction; Site Work; Ready Mix Concrete; Precast Concrete; Tilt-up Concrete; ... » Roller Compacted Concrete ...

Mass Concrete, Roller-Compacted, ACI Report (ACI-207.5R

ACI-207.5R-11 Report on Roller-Compacted Mass Concrete. Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a concrete of no-slump consistency in its unhardened state that is typically transported, placed, and compacted using earth and rockfill construction equipment.

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Use of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements for Container Terminals . Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a zero-slump concrete consisting of dense-graded aggregate and sand, cementitious materials, and water. The use of RCC as a material to construct pavements began in the 1970’s in Canada.

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ASDSO Webinars: Roller Compacted Concrete– Design and

This webinar will provide a general overview of the development of RCC and how this material is being used in dams and spillways. Recent design and construction trends will be presented in the areas of mix designs, jointing, facing systems, and placement procedures. The primary topics of the webinar are as follows: 1.

Construction Specifications 36—Roller Compacted Concrete

524, Aggregates for Roller Compacted Con-crete, Section 5, Acceptance. d. Special provisions for specific mix require-ments, if any, as mentioned in Material Speci-fication 524, Aggregates for Roller Compacted Concrete, Section 5, Acceptance. e. Deviation, if any, from the class of pozzolan, as specified in Section 2, Material. For fly ash,

Roller Compacted Concrete- Properties, Advantages

2019/12/21 · Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a concrete of zero-slump consistency in its unhardened state used in pavement and dams. It is transported, placed, and compacted using earth and rockfill construction equipment.

A New Interactive Design Tool for Pavement

Apr 17, 2018 · A design program that is simple to use. Credit: American Concrete Pavement Association The new internet interactive pavement design program created by the ACPA, PCA, and NRMCA makes it easy to ...

Concrete Mixers

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Future Trends in Roller Compacted Concrete Dam

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) became an accepted method for dam construction during the latter half of the 1980s and during the early 1990s there has been a very rapid growth in this form of dam. High dams up to 200 m in

A comparison of flexural strengths of polymer (SBR and PVA

• The efficiency of fibres in the roller compacted, polymer modified concrete, that is, their contribution in resisting the opening and propagation of a crack and the ensuing development of the fibre bridging law should be of significant value to all those dealing with other than conventionally reinforced concrete.

Report No. REC-ERC-84-15, 'Mix Design Investigation-Roller

MIX DESIGN INVESTIGATION - ROLLER COMPACTED CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, UPPER STILLWATER DAM, UTAH Roselle 0. Crow Timothy P. Dolen James E. Oliverson Charles D. Prusia June 1984 Concrete and Structural Branch Division of Research and Laboratory Sewices Engineering and Research Center Denver, Colorado


6 GUIDE FOR ROLLER-COMPACTED CONCRETE PAVEMENTS RCC mixtures typically have a lower volume of cementitious materials, coarse aggregates, and water than conventional concrete mixes and a higher volume of fine aggregates, which fill the air voids in the pavement system (Figure 1-5).

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Roller-Compacted Concrete RCC is made up of the same ingredients as a conventional concrete mix (cement, water and aggregates), but uses a much drier mix than conventional concrete. The mix is placed with high-density asphalt paving equipment then followed by additional compaction with rollers.

Next-Generation Roller-Compacted Concrete

2017/12/15 · Roller-compacted concrete pavement (RCC) has been used for several decades in specific applications, mostly for heavy-duty industrial pavements. But it has the drawback of a rough surface with little aesthetic appeal ...

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Roller Compacted Concrete | Materials & Mix proportion

Mar 21, 2018 · Roller Compacted Concrete – Definition. The development of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) was a major change in the construction practices of dams and other structures. Roller Compacted Concrete is defined as the concrete which is compacted by roller compaction technique.


Roller Compacted Concrete. This guide describes the benefits, properties and application of RCC, provides recommendations on mix design and materials selection, and discusses applicable design methods, construction methodology and techniques.

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